The state of financial security of business entities in the context of digitalisation


  • O. V. Matushevskyi Донецький національний університет імені Василя Стуса


The state of financial security of business entities in the country is an important factor of independence and sustainability. Ensuring financial security enables the state to solve its economic problems at all levels. The issue of financial security is of particular importance in the context of economic instability, crisis, and the military and political situation in Ukraine. In the context of ensuring financial security, it is important to understand that the digital world is developing rapidly. At the current stage of development of the economic space, the economy is undergoing a digital transformation. This process brings with it the possibility of certain risks and threats to business entities. Digitalization necessitates changes and adaptation to new operating conditions, ensuring stability and security of economic potential. Accordingly, it is worth paying attention to the issue of financial security as a key element of economic stability in the digital environment.
The aim is to study the impact of digitalization on the activities of business entities and the organization of their financial security system to formulate a definition of financial security, outline the advantages and identify the problems of enterprises’ functioning in the digital economy.

Біографія автора

O. V. Matushevskyi , Донецький національний університет імені Василя Стуса

Master’s student (higher education applicant) Program «Finance, Banking and Insurance»


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